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Livingetc: At the Chapel travel review

This article was originally published in Livingetc, April 2014. Advertisements

Dans le noir?

My fingers probe blindly before sinking into a slimy, lukewarm unknown. It gives way as I grab and scoop it toward my gaping mouth. It’s meaty, spiced and sweet. I feel a dull pat as a portion leaps onto my clean jeans. Tagine, I guess. Behind me, somewhere, a disembodied voice stage whispers: “Wouldn’t this … Continue reading

The Cult of Beauty

Elegant feathers, redheaded sirens, sunflowers and lilies adorn the backdrop of olive green and peacock blue. Beauty is everywhere. Last Sunday 17July, was the closing of one of the V&A’s most successful spring exhibitions, The Cult of Beauty. 

BP Portrait Award 2011

The annual BP Portrait Award has advanced the career of many successful portrait artists: Alison Watt, Philip Harris and Justin Mortimer. Now in its 32nd year, it is one of the most prestigious awards of its kind, clocking 2373 entries from across the globe. The award encourages artists to focus on developing portraiture in their work. Celebrity … Continue reading

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