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Wicked? Homophobic wizards, gay witches and the fight for acceptance in the Wicca community

Homophobia has become a prominent issue for witchcraft as it moves into the 21st century. I spoke to some purveyors of the dark arts to find out what’s going on… Continue reading


Is immigration good for the economy?

Economists attack the migrant crackdown proposed in the Queen’s opening speech to Parliament.

London Migrant Hubs: interactive map

I found and mapped 70 community-based organisations dedicated to assisting migrants old and new.

LIVEBLOG: Romanian and Bulgarian immigration debate

Polls released today indicate that the expiration of work restrictions for the two newest members of the EU will have little impact on the numbers planning to migrate to the UK in 2014. Here I chart the ensuing debates as they unfold from Westminster Hall to Twitter and provide background information.

Visa controls “stunt growth” in the capital

Immigration controls prevent the recruitment of skilled workers from outside the EU and stunt the UK’s economic growth according to the chief executive of an Old Street start-up.

Children’s well being improves

THE welfare of children in the UK has improved in a number of areas in recent years – yet it lags behind that of most of its European neighbours, a new report from UNICEF suggests.

Borough forced to act on air pollution

Smoggy Hackney is being forced to clean up its air pollution after it was revealed that some of the borough’s roads exceeded EU emission limits by 300 per cent. According to Robert Tyler, Hackney’s principal pollution officer, the borough has one of the worst concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, such as dust and … Continue reading

Sex and Tech City

Tech City is often equated with modernity and innovation, so to band it with an outdated sexism seems paradoxical. Yet for some of Silicon Roundabout’s most outspoken women, workplace misogyny is the biggest obstacle to successful business.

Privatisation threatens the probation service

“You begin to see the devils everywhere in this job. Day in day out you deal with things ordinary people can’t comprehend,” says a voice by the bar. “My colleagues and I, we’re misunderstood, undervalued. We’re fed up.” Tom Brown became a probation officer 1985 having spent 15 years as a social worker. At a … Continue reading

Indian men wear skirts to halt violence against women

Twenty five Indian men wore skirts on Saturday to raise awareness for the campaign opposing violence against women.

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