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Gudrun & Gudrun

The Faroese knitwear brand pulling the wool over the eyes of fast fashion Advertisements

Wicked? Homophobic wizards, gay witches and the fight for acceptance in the Wicca community

Homophobia has become a prominent issue for witchcraft as it moves into the 21st century. I spoke to some purveyors of the dark arts to find out what’s going on… Continue reading

Military migrants: fighting for your country

Vron Ware talks about her new book, which explores the peculiar role of military migrants who are lauded as heroes yet stigmatised as immigrants and foreigners.

The history boy: an interview with Ashley Bowden

Twenty-seven year-old actor Ashley Bowden made his professional debut as Macduff in Macbeth in 2006, before landing a role in Heartbeat a year later. Having starred in everything from Journey’s End to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, his current role as Drab, a travelling storyteller, brings the popular children’s book series Horrible Histories to … Continue reading

The King and I: meet Elvis’ biggest memorabilia collector

He has been held at gunpoint by Putin’s “mafia” and single-handedly confronted the Presley Estate. His enterprise rocked the Berlin wall; his legal battles revolutionised trademark legislation and his memorabilia business, Elvisly Yours, is renowned worldwide. In a crumbling Watford warehouse, fluff from Sid Shaw’s fleece surfs the stifling air and settles on a bust … Continue reading

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