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The history boy: an interview with Ashley Bowden

Twenty-seven year-old actor Ashley Bowden made his professional debut as Macduff in Macbeth in 2006, before landing a role in Heartbeat a year later. Having starred in everything from Journey’s End to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, his current role as Drab, a travelling storyteller, brings the popular children’s book series Horrible Histories to … Continue reading

Borough forced to act on air pollution

Smoggy Hackney is being forced to clean up its air pollution after it was revealed that some of the borough’s roads exceeded EU emission limits by 300 per cent. According to Robert Tyler, Hackney’s principal pollution officer, the borough has one of the worst concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, such as dust and … Continue reading

Grub’s up: is entomophagy our future?

Insects are the last things many would associate with a meal. They buzz, bite and butcher our food. They’re pests to be controlled. As I sauté my locusts a nutty – slightly burning – waft of baked mealworms rises from the oven. It’s the end of a long day and I’m craving a Papa Johns’ … Continue reading

Sex and Tech City

Tech City is often equated with modernity and innovation, so to band it with an outdated sexism seems paradoxical. Yet for some of Silicon Roundabout’s most outspoken women, workplace misogyny is the biggest obstacle to successful business.

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