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Privatisation threatens the probation service

“You begin to see the devils everywhere in this job. Day in day out you deal with things ordinary people can’t comprehend,” says a voice by the bar. “My colleagues and I, we’re misunderstood, undervalued. We’re fed up.” Tom Brown became a probation officer 1985 having spent 15 years as a social worker. At a … Continue reading

The King and I: meet Elvis’ biggest memorabilia collector

He has been held at gunpoint by Putin’s “mafia” and single-handedly confronted the Presley Estate. His enterprise rocked the Berlin wall; his legal battles revolutionised trademark legislation and his memorabilia business, Elvisly Yours, is renowned worldwide. In a crumbling Watford warehouse, fluff from Sid Shaw’s fleece surfs the stifling air and settles on a bust … Continue reading

Dans le noir?

My fingers probe blindly before sinking into a slimy, lukewarm unknown. It gives way as I grab and scoop it toward my gaping mouth. It’s meaty, spiced and sweet. I feel a dull pat as a portion leaps onto my clean jeans. Tagine, I guess. Behind me, somewhere, a disembodied voice stage whispers: “Wouldn’t this … Continue reading

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